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How to register wallet address

1. Creating a wallet

In order to hold NFTs, a dedicated crypto wallet is required.If you do not have one yet, please watch the Wallet creation guide video from the URL below.Follow the guide to install METAMASK and create an Ethereum Wallet.(The content of the video is a setting guide for smartphones, soWe recommend that you play the video on another device such as a PC or tablet. )

▶Ethereum Wallet creation guide video


2. Copy wallet address

After creating a wallet, please register your wallet address on this site.First, start METAMASK on your smartphone and touch the red frame below on the wallet screen to copy the wallet address.

3. Register wallet address

Next, access our website using one of the following methods on your smartphone.

 (a) Enter the URL directly in your smartphone browser "virtualmuseum.jp"

 (b) Open this guide on your smartphone (if you are originally viewing it from your smartphone, leave it as is) and touch the URL below.

 (c) Read the two-dimensional barcode below with your smartphone.



Please touch "Login/New Registration" from the three lines on the top left of this site.

If you log in using your registered email address and password, your My Page will be displayed. Please touch the red frame "Click here" below.


On the "Edit account information" screen, paste the customer's wallet address you copied earlier into the Wallet address field and touch "Update account information."


After confirming your registration, we will send the NFT of the item you won to your wallet address.If you have any questions regarding operation, etc.,info@virtualmuseum.jpPlease contact

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.