Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ

How to obtain NFT

A.Load Virtual Museum Contract Address

If you are viewing this page on a PC or tablet, please make sure you have installed MetaMask.SmartphonePlease read the QR code below and copy the string (virtual museum contract address).

Installed MetaMaskSmartphoneIf you are viewing this page, please copy the string below.



Two.Starting MetaMask

Launch the MetaMask app that you installed when registering your wallet address.


Three.Add NFT

Tap NFT on the wallet screen and select "Add NFT" as shown below.



Four.Enter address and ID

The string you copied in step 1 in “Address” on the NFT addition screenPaste the.
Next, please enter the token ID written in the email we sent you into "ID".
After entering the above information, the "Add" button will be displayed. Tap it to see the thumbnail of the item you won.(It may take some time to display)

Some works can be viewed as videos by clicking on the thumbnails. If you have any questions regarding operation, etc.,info@virtualmuseum.jpPlease contact