Kon テ ン ツ に ス キ ッ プ

CatCuts Illustration Exhibition

"Exhibition where cats wait"

 Kiyoshi Kizaki, also known as CatCuts, made his debut as a manga artist in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987 with FF (Fortissimo). His masterpieces include ``Traffic Accident Appraiser Rinichiro Tamaki'' and ``ZONBIEMEN.'' He is also known as a cat lover, and in recent years he has been tweeting a cute and expressive cat illustration every morning as a cat artist named CatCuts. Cat illustrations are also used in the books he has written, such as the two manga guide books ``Catharsis Plan'' and ``Introduction to Manga Artists Who Can Eat for 2016 Years 10'', which were published simultaneously in 2022, and in 2022, He has also published two one-shot cat manga works in Neko Punch magazine.

 ã€€A virtual museum is an art museum where you can view artworks in a virtual space and then purchase physical reproductions whose rarity is guaranteed through NFT. This exhibition will display cat illustrations carefully selected by cat artist CatCuts as works with NFT. The cute cat paintings with soft fur against nostalgic colored backgrounds have a warm atmosphere that captures the hearts of those who see them.

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